Sooni, My Sister, I Hate You!

순이가 미워!

Cholsoo, a boy, became to have his sister finally, named Sooni... But he was hating herself seriously because he lost her mother’s milk which was his own breast for himself in the past. Therefore, he was so much angry that he designed and got action eventually to apply rat poison to the breast of mother.

드디어 철수에게 동생이 생겼다. 동생 이름은 순이.... 그러나 철수는 동생 순이가 그렇게 미울 수가 없었다. 자기가 독차지 하던 엄마의 젖을 빼앗겼기 때문이었다. -_-;; 심통이 극에 달하자... 철수는 무서운 계략을 짜게 되고.... 급기야 엄마 젖에 쥐약을 발라 버리고 만다.

Next day, the neighboring college student was sent to the hospital, but Sooni was still sucking the breast of mom?????

다음날 옆집 대학생 형이 병원에 실려 갔다. 순이는 여전히 엄마 젖을 빨고 있다. ?????

Cholsoo looked up at the sky... Somewhere in the sky, the theme song of X-File was coming into hearing...

철수는 하늘을 올려다 보았다. 어디선가 X-File의 주제가가 들려왔다.