Nude Party in a Dorm for Female Students

여대생 기숙사에서의 올누드 파티

A party was held in a dorm for female students at a college. At that time, a man was going along beside the party. With curiosity he looked into the room. The girls were so much drunken that they could not know a man was looking inside the party. The were so much excited to take off their clothes and enjoyed dancing in naked bodies. As the man indulged into looking furtively at their dance, he does not know how strongly his stuff came out from his pants, and so, It broke a window of the room. Then, all of the students were surprised and one girl took a gas gun and shouted out :

어떤 대학의 여대생 기숙사에서 파티가 벌어졌는데 때마침 한 남자가 그 옆을 지나가고 있었다. 그 남자는 호기심에 방 안을 보았다. 술이 점점 취한 여대생들은 지나가는 어떤 남자가 자신들을 보고 있는 줄도 모르고 춤을 추다가 점점 흥분하여 모두 옷을 벗고 나체의 춤을 추는 것이었다. 몰래 훔쳐보던 그 남자는 자기 자신도 모르게 흥분하여 바지의 앞자락을 뚫고 나온 연장으로 유리창을 깨고 말았다. 이에 놀란 여대생 하나가 재빨리 호신용 가스총을 꺼내 들고 외쳤다.

"Hands up!"

손 들엇!”

The man was surprised and raised his hands involuntarily. Then the girl became red and said :

놀란 남자는 엉겁결에 손을 들었다. 그러자 그 여대생이 얼굴을 붉히며 하는 말..

“I said to raise only your hands, not your stuff?”

손만 들랬지, 누가 그것까지 들랬어?”